Why Is IP Address So Important and How Does it Work?

Computers are very complex devices that we use every day for our comfort, and sometimes the importance of their numerical aspects is neglected. for example:
Each computer is assigned a different number when the user goes online or becomes part of the network. This number is your IP address and knowing it is like knowing where you live…

What is my IP and what does that number represent?

IP stands for Internet Protocol and an address consists of four numbers separated by periods. The IP address format is a 32-bit numeric format, and each number can range from 0-255. An IP address consists of two parts:
The first represents a network number, similar to multiple users (such as a street address). The second represents the host name, which is different for each user (such as a street address). In order to increase the number of IP addresses available for large networks with many users and small networks with few hosts, addresses are divided into his four classes (A, B, C, and D). increase.

Having an IP address is like having a last name on the network. An IP address is required to identify a computer on a network (LAN local area network, WAN wide area network, or the Internet). This number is similar to a phone number or postal code. It is unique and without it the device or computer cannot be used in the network area. Within an isolated network, computers can be assigned different random IP addresses, but when connecting private networks to the Internet, IPs must be registered and checked for uniqueness.

Where can I find my IP address?

Connect to a website that recognizes and displays your IP address. For example, you can access the following pages:
iprelated.com. These IP lookup sites are very easy to use and very useful for other users. An IP address can provide a lot of information about a person logging on to the Internet and performing a particular activity.
In some cases, illegal activity is discovered and violations are reported. Dynamic doesn’t say much about the user, because the IP address changes every time the user logs in.
Another interesting aspect is that some people with information from your IP address are interested in hijacking your computer and using its resources. It’s not impossible! They can use software that allows this, so it’s a good idea to hide your IP when online.

Who gives me my IP address?

IP addresses can be static or dynamic. H. Sometimes it’s the same every time I go online, sometimes it changes. IP addresses are provided by servers through a service called DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).
Describing the numbers and what they mean can be very complicated, but this is a simple, jargon-free introduction to IP addresses. These details are very important. These simple explanations really help you understand the need and implications of IP addresses and virtual geolocation.


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