RICE360 Summer Internship Programme 2022

The University of Lagos and RICE360 Institute for Global Health Technologies, Houston, Texas, USA, partnered to create the UNILAG Design Studio. The Design Studio is anticipated to serve as a focal point for developing the next wave of innovators from both the university community and the broader public.


The studio’s main objective is to make cutting-edge specialist equipment and other important tools for innovation readily available. Additionally, the Studio area is situated to provide a favorable setting that inspires young talents to create original solutions using resources that may be found nearby.


Program Description


The RICE360 annual summer internship is focused on mobilizing teams to work towards impacting global health through collaborative team-based projects, interns in collaboration with mentors representing diverse range of Global Health expertise will utilize the engineering design process to explore Healthcare solutions.



Undergraduate / Graduate Student / Tech-enthusiast from the University of Lagos or other institutions in Nigeria (Preferably, applicants with Engineering / Sciences / Medical Sciences / Business background)

Healthcare Innovation experience, Hands-on technical & entrepreneurial skills, flair for technology-based innovation, Creativity Acumen, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Mentality

Applicant(s) must be available on full-time basis from October to November 2022.

Applicant(s) must have experience in one or more of the following areas:


Technical (Rapid Prototyping with 3D Printer, CNC, Laser Cutting, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), Electronic Circuit Designs, Programming, I.C.T. and AI Solutions Development, Mechanical Fabrication, Project Management etc.)

Innovation: Healthcare Innovation experience, flair for technology-based innovation, Creativity Acumen, Critical thinking and Problem-solving mentality

Entrepreneurship: Business orientation and start-up development, marketing and idea pitching concepts, customer engagement and interactions, e.t.c.


Application Closing Date

Friday; 30th September, 2022


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