iPad mini case with disappearing keyboard now up for pre-order

A company called Tactus Technology unveiled an interesting iPad mini accessory, the keyboard equipped case called Phorm. But that’s not an ordinary keyboard case we’ve seen in the past; rather its keys are not visible until the user pushes the physical switch on the backside of the case. Then, the physical buttons appear, allowing users to more easily edit documents and type long emails.

These buttons would pop up when needed and disappear when the keyboard was no longer required.

The $ 100 case does its magic thanks to the thin layer of liquid, which creates crescent-shaped panels when pressure is applied (via the mentioned switch). Check out the video below to get a better idea how Phorm works.

The technology was first seen in action at CES 2013, when Tactus demoed its own tablet with these disappearing keys. Luckily or not, they abandoned the tablet idea and went for the iPad mini case, instead.

Said case is currently up for pre-order, and soon enough – Tactus will switch its attention to the iPhone 6 Plus. Now that would be a case many (6 Plus users) would want…

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