Huawei-made Nexus tablet coming later this year?

Huawei may be Google’s next partner to make the Nexus tablet, according to one source from Chinese social network Weibo, and brought to our attention by the good folks of GizmoChina.

The same source says there will be two different Nexus devices announced this year, one high-end and one for the mass market. And it’s the latter Huawei will reportedly make, and that — as far as we (don’t) know — could be a tablet. It may be a 7-incher or the one with a 9-inch display a la the brand-new Nexus 9; again, we’re not sure.

If Google indeed wants to make a mass-market tablet, it will likely go for a smaller device, though you never know. Component prices have been going down and right now, they should be able to make a rock-solid 8-inch tablet with a price tag of around $ 150.

Huawei has all the know-how in the world to make both a great and value-for-money product, and it’s up to Google to say what kind of Nexus device it wants from the Chinese firm. They [Huawei] will be able to deliver whatever that is.

It’s also unclear which company will get the benefit to make that other Nexus device. Perhaps Moto / Lenovo gets to keep that benefit for another year, or perhaps some other company gets the flag.

Meanwhile, we expect to see Google launching its very first Project Ara phone later this year, and as you know, this product could make many other devices obsolete. Or so we think.

Now, we’re eager to know what do you think about any future Huawei-made Nexus tablet? Does that sound like a good idea or what? Comments form is all yours.

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