Super Mario Bros. Movie Plumbing Commercial & Website Launched

Nintendo and Illumination have launched a new Super Mario Bros. Movie 30-second commercial and website, recreating the Super Mario Bros. Super Show! cartoon theme song dating back to 1989.

You can watch Mario & Luigi rap and even visit a themed Super Mario Bros. Plumbing website, where you can learn more about their “family-owned and operated” business serving Brooklyn and Queens. There’s even an “About Us” section on the website and some classic references thrown in the customer testimonials.

“About Us: Welcome to Super Mario Bros. Plumbing! We are brothers and yes, we are super. My little (but taller) brother, Luigi, and I were tired of dealing with spiky bosses, so we jumped at the opportunity to take on Brooklyn’s plumbing problems all by ourselves. Family-owned and operated, we aim to one-up the competition with our expert white-glove service. Thanks for checking us out! Mario & Luigi”

There’s also a page that gives you an ‘Error 404’ filled with warp pipes and a career page seeking a dispatcher, bookkeeper, marketing manager, and driver. And last but not least the website is encouraging US fans to “call or text” the following number: 929-55-MARIO.

You’ll hear a voice message from Luigi (played by Charlie Day in the film) if you call, and will be linked to a community page if you text, where you can sign up to stay in the loop with exclusive updates.

What do you make of this impressive marketing stunt? Comment below.

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