Best VPN deal: 74% off HideAway VPN

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to HideAway VPN(Opens in a new tab) is on sale for £41.63, saving you 74% on list price.

Lovers of foreign TV shows know the pain of having to wait on streaming services to provide the latest episodes. Whether you’re a U.S. Netflix junkie or a fan of more highbrow exotic television, a VPN is a great option to bypass geographical restrictions and binge away. And it’s not just for watching content, it also allows you to surf the web safely and with more privacy. 

If you want to enjoy more freedom on the internet, HideAway VPN(Opens in a new tab) can make it happen. You can enjoy it for a lifetime on three different devices for just £41.63 — 74% off — for a limited time.

Let HideAway change the way you browse, giving you faster speeds and flexible rules as you navigate the content you want to access. You can become a local to whatever country you please, with unfiltered access to your favourite websites and video streaming as if you just hopped off the plane. And unlike other VPN services, you don’t have to bother with connecting and disconnecting — HideAway lets you stay connected all the time. 

Aside from getting rid of the internet’s annoying borders, HideAway lets you stay anonymous online. Your IP address will be masked with an anonymous one and your internet traffic is encrypted. Not even HideAway gets your information, as there’s no logging, either. There’s added security against DNS leaks, as well, for another layer of protection.

Need to download torrents? There’s no torrent limit and HideAway claims you’ll enjoy faster downloads. And the added no data limits means you stay logging in for bandwidth-intensive services, hopefully letting you use the internet the way it was intended. 

If you’re ready to upgrade your internet experience, HideAway VPN(Opens in a new tab) can make it happen. Enjoy a lifetime subscription for one user on three devices for just £41.63. 

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