SCV looks for early stage IC investments

SCV will fund companies primarily in North America, UK, EU, and Israel. SCV also plans on investing in most early-stage companies admitted into the Silicon Catalyst incubator.

The SCV investment team brings deep industry insight, spanning investment, technologies, and the diverse market segments served by the semiconductor industry.

Silicon Catalyst Ventures has been established to uniquely select and fund the most promising semiconductor startups, covering AI, communications, photonics, MEMS, sensors, IP, materials, and life sciences.

The investment team, led by Founding Managing Director Dr. Shih-Wei Sun, former CEO of  UMC, who joined Silicon Catalyst as an advisor and investor, as well as a member of the Silicon Catalyst Angels Investment group for the past two years.

“Silicon Catalyst Ventures was formed as an extension of Silicon Catalyst, the world’s only incubator + accelerator focused on semiconductor solutions. It has been formed primarily, but not exclusively, to fund and foster Silicon Catalyst Portfolio Companies.,” says Sun. “this close association between our fund and the Silicon Catalyst incubator affords investors unique access to startup teams whose technology and businesses are de-risked throughout a thorough and rigorous incubator screening process and then, when accepted, through Silicon Catalyst’s world-class two-year incubation. With our top-ranked semiconductor LPs, we bring additional ecosystem and supply-chain values to our startups. Silicon Catalyst Ventures is looking forward to tapping into the immense financial and societal value of our industry in this Silicon Renaissance era.”

Investments include:

Applied Brain Research’s  hardware and software deploys cloud-like machine learning capabilities locally to any edge device for application in smart-enabled products.

Eridan is a rapidly-growing startup, building 5G radios to enable abundant wireless connectivity everywhere in the world.

EXOKĒRYX is speeding up the fight against cancer and other diseases by putting breakthrough technology in the hands of leading researchers.

Owl Autonomous Imaging is all about safety, especially pedestrian safety, by developing HD thermal image sensors and computer vision software, singularly focused on improving visibility in no light, bright light, and degraded visual environments.

Q-Pixel aims to overcome the obstacle of high fabrication costs and to dramatically streamline the LED display assembly processes.

The Best in Class On-Chip Memory
50% Area Reduction vs. SRAM
10x Power Reduction vs. SRAM

Salience Labs: AI requires new hardware.
Salience Labs is developing an ultra-high throughput, low latency Photonic Tensor Processing Unit.

Zepsor Technologies: Zero-power infrared sensors
Sensible sensors with uninterrupted operation and unprecedented accuracy which technology do not consume any battery power to monitor the environment in standby mode.


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