Farnell surveys customers for insights

The survey, which closes at the beginning of July, is designed to help the industry fully understand what matters most to buyers and identify trends that influence purchasing decisions across the engineering and electronics industry.

b>“This survey is the latest component of a consistent campaign to stay close to the wants and needs of our buyers,” says Umasankar Pingali, president of global sales, “we highly value their input, which is directly reflected in the adjustments and corporate decisions we make to respond to their requirements, such as introducing an easy-to-use eProcurement service. Moreover, it enables us to see what we may have missed in our day-to-day interactions with buyers and anticipate the market forces that will need our attention in the future.”

Farnell surveys customers for insights

This year’s questions were carefully designed to provide a greater insight into new and evolving technologies, challenges electronic component buyers face, and the opportunities that are available. There have been a number of issues related to the supply chain in recent years, but the prevailing assumption is that those have now largely been overcome.
The survey intends to find out how respondent’s experiences have been impacted by such market challenges, uncover what is now driving selection processes and understanding the factors which influence vendor selection.

The survey will remain live and accessible until 2nd July and is comprised of easy-to-complete, largely multiple-choice questions about the buyers’ business, product preferences and purchasing habits.

As an incentive, participants in the survey will have the option to answer a question based on their knowledge, experience, and insight. Three lucky winners will be selected based on their answers to win prizes including Bose wireless headphones, a FITBIT Inspire 3 smart watch or an Amazon gift card.

”We have received many valuable responses from around the world and we want to ensure that we receive as many more as possible before the survey closes,” adds Pingali, “the  survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete, but the value of the information can be effective for years. I encourage everyone involved in the component selection process to take a moment to ensure their voice is heard.”

An analysis of the results of the survey will be published to the benefit of everyone later in 2024. Those wishing to participate can do so at https://uk.farnell.com/buyer-survey-2024 until 2nd July.

Participation in the survey is voluntary and responses are kept confidential. Text responses may be shared with the aggregate results of the survey but will not be associated with personal information unless express written consent has been given to do so.

Detailed information regarding the terms and conditions of the survey can be found on Farnell’s website.


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