Octal high and low-side drivers have 40V 550mΩ outputs

The company is promoting them as smaller alternatives to SSOP24 packaged drivers like TPD2005F and TPD2007F.

The new parts use the company’s latest analogue process which is BiCD – combining bipolar, CMOS and DMOS elements.

Toshiba TPD2015FN octal high-side driverThe high-side switching TPD2015FN (right) operates across 8 to 40V and -40 to 110°C, and will switch 500mA per channel through its 400mΩtyp 550mΩmax (12Vdd 25°C) output mosfets.

The output devices are n-channel, and the IC includes a charge pump to provide the necessary above-Vdd gate drive.

The low-side switching TPD2017FN (below) operates across 2.7 – 5.5V Vdd, switching loads connected to up to 40V.

Toshiba TPD2017FN octal low-side driver

It has 400mΩtyp 550mΩmax mosfets too (but specced at 5Vdd).

An active clamp is included to deal with inductive spikes.

Both devices have over-current and over-temperature protection, which will recover when current and temperature are again normal.

Abs max dissipation is 1.8W (25°C ambient) for the whole package and the junctions operate up to 150°C. Single-channel avalanche capability is at lease 30mJ (25°C ambient 750mA).

Inputs switch at 0.8Vmax for low and 2Vmin for high, making them compatible with a variety of host microcontroller voltages.

Switch on time is typically 10μs and switch-off is slightly shorter.

Applications are foreseen driving resistive and inductive loads including motors, solenoids and lamps – within industrial programmable logic controllers, for example.

TPD2015FN (high-side switching)

TPD2017FN (low-side switching)

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