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TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to Headway Premium(Opens in a new tab) is on sale for £48.76, saving you 80% on list price.

Self-improvement is important, but it also takes time. You may have a list of inspiring best-selling books you want to get through, but actually finding a moment to sit down, read, and reflect on what you learned might not happen. If you want to make self-improvement fit into your busy schedule,  you may want to try Headway. Headway(Opens in a new tab) is a mobile app that works to make growth fun and accessible, and for a limited time, a lifetime subscription is £48.76. 

You may not have time for a full book, but 15-minute bite-sized personalised learning sessions might fit into your busy day a little better. Headway pulls meaningful insights from best-selling nonfiction books and condenses them into actionable tips and insights. You can access these summaries in writing or listen to them. A summary may not replace the whole book, but it could allow you to get familiar with the important main ideas you would have gleaned anyway. 

Start your day with curated daily insights and widgets that may help you stay motivated and passionate about self-improvement. The spaced repetition feature may even make it easier to memorise useful facts and insights. 

Make your growth a habit. Earn streaks and achievements by logging in every day and meeting your learning goals. A short commute on the bus is another opportunity for growth when you have Headway in your pocket. Headway is compatible with Android, iOS, and Mac devices, so you can use it practically anywhere. 

Join millions of other users working on themselves on their own time. Get a lifetime subscription to Headway Premium(Opens in a new tab) on sale for £48.76. 

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