Low-cost optical transceiver delivers 1.25Gbps

The P16671-01AS transceiver provides standard-compliant optical connectors that attach to the preferred optical fibres, depending on the application.

For short-distance board-to-board communication within the equipment, the P16671-01AS is usable with inexpensive POF (plastic optical fibers) achieving high- speed data communication at a low cost.

Using it along with HPCF (hard plastic clad fibres) or large-diameter glass optical fibres extends the data transmission distance up to 100 meters making it suitable for setting up a network or communicating between devices or equipment.

The P16671-01AS optical transceiver will be available from February 13, 2023 to domestic and overseas manufacturers of medical equipment, scientific and laboratory instruments, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

The P16671- 01AS optical transceiver uses a VCSEL to  increase the data transmission speed.

However, handling the VCSEL, compared to a LED, is difficult because the VCSEL light output differs from product to product and the output also greatly fluctuates with changes in ambient temperature.

To solve this problem and achieve stable operation, the P16671-01AS employs a driver IC that compensates for different light outputs from individual VCSEL. The P16671-01AS also uses a high-speed light sensor and a signal processing IC that maximizes the light sensor characteristics, which were designed in-house.

This in turn led to the successful development of an optical transceiver with a data transmission speed of 1.25 Gbps.

Practical applications of the P16671-01AS include short-distance board-to-board communications using POF in equipment such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, scientific and laboratory instruments, and measuring instruments as well as image and video transmission in medical equipment.

When used with HPCF or large- diameter glass optical fibers, medium-to-long distance communication and networking between equipment is possible up to distances of 100 meters.

Therefore, using the P16671-01AS in conjunction with a suitable optical fiber will achieve high-speed communication spanning a wide range of applications

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