Learn to meditate: Best online mindfulness course

TL;DR: The 2023 Learn to Meditate Bundle(Opens in a new tab) is on sale for £23.53, saving you 97% on list price.

Making a New Year’s Resolution is the easy part. Actually sticking to it takes a lot more work. If you resolved to become more mindful and try meditation in the new year, some expert guidance might make the whole process easier. The 2023 Learn to Meditate Bundle(Opens in a new tab) could help you make meditation and mindfulness a part of your daily life, and it’s on sale for £23.53.

Meditation is a calming exercise that has been proven to help with stress, and anxiety, and improve sleep quality. That may not all happen immediately, but that’s what guided meditation is for. This bundle contains seven courses that could help you master meditation and potentially improve your mental and physical health. 

Just like exercise, there are different types of meditation that may help different parts of your emotional health. If you want to work on regulating your emotions, you may want to try Emotional Healing Strategies, a two-hour course led by Aman Varma, the founder of the Vyas Psychology Training Centre. This course guides you through techniques that could help you manage stress, depression, and anxiety.

Resolutions related to getting healthy are common, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy. Mindfulness exercises, like what you could learn in 21 Days to Love Your Body, may help you create a more positive relationship with your body. 

If you’re excited by how much meditation could change your life, you could also become a certified meditation teacher or practitioner. The first step might just be discovering what you can learn from the Energy Healing and Meditation Teacher/Practitioner Program. Learn what tools you could use to guide your clients and help them release negative emotions and work towards balance. 

For a limited time, get the 2023 Learn to Meditate Bundle(Opens in a new tab) on sale for £23.53. 

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