Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro Max Could Be the Biggest iPhone Yet

Since last year, the iPhone 16 Pro duo have been rumored to feature larger displays than the iPhone 15 Pro duo. The added screen estates are also seen to bring wider dimensions into these handsets. Now, a purported dummy model of the iPhone 16 Pro Max has been pictured, hinting at how it could size up in real life.

Over on X, a set of images showing the iPhone 16 Pro Max dummy sitting next to the iPhone 15 Pro Max (review) has been published. While the measurements could vary in the actual device, the available materials are enough to depict the difference between the outgoing and the upcoming premium iPhone models.

How big the new iPhone 16 Pro Max could be

At the front and back sections, it shows the new iPhone is noticeably taller and a midge wider, which is due to the wider display it carries. Per rumor, the iPhone 16 Pro Max’s display will tip at 6.9-inch wide diagonally, which is a 0.2-inch difference from the current counterpart.

Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max Dummy
Alleged dummy unit of the Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max side-by-side with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. / © ZoneofTech/Twitter

The outright differences align with the dimensions shared last year that describe the new iPhone 16 Pro Max to be measured at 163 mm tall and 77.6 mm wide compared to the iPhone 15 Pro Max at 159.9 mm and 76.7 mm, respectively. This is despite Apple utilizing a BRS (Border Reduction Structure) technology to reduce the bezels around the display.

Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max dummy
The new iPhone 16 Pro Max (dummy) pictured side-by-side to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. / © ZoneofTech/Twitter

Besides the size, the iPhone 16 Pro Max looks to be almost identical to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, with the same camera island at the back as well flat panels and frame. The only exception is on the side section, which houses an extra “captured” button below the side key.

Similarly, the smaller iPhone 16 Pro should also sport an increased footprint coming from the iPhone 15 Pro. In addition, it is also set to enlist the same set of physical buttons and titanium chassis as the bigger Pro Max.

Both models are tipped to feature brighter OLED display panels, an Apple A18 Pro chip, and slightly inflated battery capacities.

Do you think it is necessary for Apple to offer larger displays on its iPhones? Would you prefer the new Pro Max with this screen estate? Let us know in the comments.


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