Apple is exploring an even thinner iPhone for its 2025 lineup

Finally, an iPhone for the delicate, dainty-handed Apple user.

Rumors from inside Apple’s design brainstorming allege the company is looking into thinning out its iPhone profile, the Information reports. While precise details haven’t been hammered out, the new model could see a new, smaller combination of its front-facing camera and Face ID sensors, or a lighter aluminum casing. In the farthest step away from the current design, Apple could possibly shift the back lenses to the center of the phone to accommodate a sleeker silhouette.

According to insiders, the plans suggest an “iPhone X-level leap forward in design language for the company,” writes Engadget. Whatever that means.

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The slimmer iPhone profile could replace the company’s current Pro model design, which is rumored to be getting an even larger standard screen size in the upcoming iPhone 16 line.

Last week, Apple introduced its new 11-inch and 13-inch iPad pro models, which were advertised as the company’s thinnest devices ever created, thinner even than the company’s old iPod nano.

So phones are getting bigger, but also thinner, and they may soon be the harbingers of a generative AI takeover. Lovely!


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