An App That Would Save Any File On Social Media “CloutApps Status Saver”

Those quotes, pictures, videos, and a whole lot of content on social media that you see and just get your attention, mean something to you, or even add something to your life and you just want to keep them for a while or for life on your device, “CloutApps Status Saver” would do just that for you.

Recently CloutApps introduced an app “CloutApps Status Saver”, this app is simply a little of more to come.

CloutApps is a social network of app entrepreneurs (developers, publishers, and lovers of apps and games). It allows app entrepreneurs to have the opportunity to achieve their growth targets successfully and allows users live in the beautiful world of connecting and interacting with people who share the same true app interests and experiences. With CloutApp you would connect with like minds.

Screenshot ImageScreenshot Image

CloutApps Status Saver does not just keep these contents, they save memories for us until we need them our self. For everyone who needs to store some files from social media until the need for them arises, CloutApps Status Saver is the very best app to save all your favorite social media files on the Internet.

You could easily download and save any of your favorite images or videos from Whatsapp, Whatsapp Business, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Vimeo. And you would not even have to be concerned about losing those files because you would never lose them as they are saved directly to your device. Click to install.

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