Wicket Cricket Manager Is One of the Most Acclaimed Sports Management Sims on Mobile

For some reason, cricket is often overlooked. If Wicket Cricket Manager is anything to go by, game developers are missing a trick. Cricket is the perfect sport for a management game, and Wicket Cricket Manager is a near-flawless example of the genre.

Gameplay-wise, Wicket Cricket Manager – created by a lone indie developer called Manny – sees you choosing a cricket league to play in and then working your way up from the lowest division.

All the great cricketing nations are represented, including India, Australia, England, and South Africa. Plus, you can pick your favorite region within those countries, giving your campaign an extra personal feel.

Every conceivable aspect of managing a cricket team is represented, from recruiting new talent through the youth academy to landing lucrative sponsorship deals.

You’ll groom your new captain, negotiate player contracts, build a world-class training facility, set ticket prices, nurture superstars, expand your stadium, and pore over player and team statistics as you strive to create an unbeatable 11.

Then there’s the really important stuff: picking your squad for a given match and assigning a captain. To come out on top you’ll need to be across your players’ statistics, whether you’re fielding a top order batter, a slow left-armer, or an all-rounder.

There are random events to manage, too, such as player injuries and illnesses, ensuring that no two cricket matches or seasons play out the same.

While Wicket Cricket Manager is packed with detail, it keeps things brisk and accessible. Picking up a new superstar on the player market is a breeze, while daily multiplayer tournaments give you a reason to keep logging in and racking up those wins.

Cricket fans have historically been underserved by the sports management genre. No longer. Wicket Cricket Manager really is one of the best cricket games out there.

Wicket Cricket Manager is a fantastic way to experience the highs and lows of cricket management, and you can download this great cricket game for free right now on the App Store or Google Play Store.


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