What to Expect from Apple’s WWDC 2024

The Apple WWDC 2024 developers conference is scheduled for today, June 10, and everything is expected to focus on Artificial Intelligence, which wouldn’t be a huge surprise if it happened. If you’re keen on knowing more details, read on how to watch the conference and keynote and what else you can expect.

How to watch Apple’s WWDC 2024 live

WWDC 2024 will begin on June 10 all the way to June 14. The 5-day conference for developers will happen at Apple Park in California at 10:00 AM Pacific Time (7:00 PM Central European Time). There will be those who will attend physically, but for folks who are unable to make it, Apple is streaming the event live for everyone else.

As listed by the Cupertino tech company, the conference will be available on its YouTube channel, Apple Developer app, and Apple Developer website. You can watch and tune in for the event in the embedded player below:

What can you expect at WWDC 2024?

Apple is Set to Unveil Generative AI Integration at WWDC 2024

It’s no secret that AI is at the forefront of discussions at the upcoming WWDC 2024. This event marks Apple’s significant entry into the realm of generative AI, following the path set by major rivals like Google and Microsoft.

According to insights by Mark Gurman, Apple will collaborate with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into its operating systems. This initiative is anticipated to be officially announced at the conference next week.

In addition, we may learn more about rumors suggesting Apple’s plans to offer these ChatGPT features as an optional service. There will also be discussions on how these third-party functionalities will be integrated seamlessly with Apple’s proprietary AI features.

iOS 18 to Bring Major AI Enhancements and Customization Options

The spotlight at WWDC 2024 is expected to shine brightly on iOS 18, as the latest updates and innovative AI features are set to debut on iPhones and iPads (iPadOS 18).

The heavily rumored AI advancements include significant improvements to Siri, making it a more powerful and intelligent assistant. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Siri will gain the ability to access first-party apps through a cross-system framework. This means Siri could summarize notifications and messages and compose emails according to your preferred style.

Apart from AI enhancements, iOS 18 will most likely introduce non-AI related changes, such as new customization options for the home screen and control center. Users will reportedly have the ability to freely reposition apps on the home screen and customize app icons according to their preference.

AI Features Expected to Expand Across watchOS 11, macOS 15, and More

Many of the new AI features introduced at WWDC 2024 are anticipated to extend beyond iOS, making their way to Apple’s other platforms such as watchOS 11 and macOS 15.

For wearables, the upgraded Siri on watchOS 11 could provide enhanced assistant functions similar to those on other Apple devices, creating a more cohesive cross-platform experience. Beyond usability improvements, AI might also enhance the Apple Watch’s health-tracking capabilities through advanced machine learning. However, the specifics of how AI will be integrated into wearables remain to be revealed.

On the macOS 15 front, AI-driven productivity tools are expected to be a major highlight. Features such as text and image generation and smart reply functionalities could be part of the new update, bringing these advanced capabilities to Macs and MacBooks.

Not only that, tvOS 18, which forms the foundation for the audioOS used by HomePod speakers, is also expected to receive significant updates. These could include support for a rumored HomePod with a large touch display, set to launch this year, alongside the usual AI enhancements.

WWDC 2024 to Highlight VisionOS 2 Enhancements and Global Expansion of Vision Pro Headset

While specific details about visionOS 2 remain sparse, the upcoming WWDC 2024 is expected to introduce several fixes and improvements to Apple’s spatial operating system that have not been addressed in the current version. One notable enhancement is the addition of support for the newly released Apple Pencil Pro.

The conference may also serve as the platform for Apple to announce the broader availability of its Vision Pro headset. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple plans to expand the mixed reality headset’s market to include countries such as China, Japan, Germany, France, Singapore, and the UK following the event.

Do you look forward to watching the opening keynote at WWDC 2024? What are your expectations aside from AI? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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