Vision Pro is Hitting More Markets Starting at the End of June

WWDC 2024 has not only seen the latest major software iterations for Apple’s platforms like iOS 18, but it has also given the Vision Pro a little spotlight by confirming the availability of the headset in more countries. The MR/VR headset is set to arrive in a total of eight markets starting at the end of June with pre-orders happening a couple of weeks before the shipment.

For starters, the Vision Pro was launched first in the USA back in February, so this makes the first expansion as a big milestone for the company to market the ultra-premium wearable to more countries.

Vision Pro is hitting more shelves

The $3,500 headset will arrive in Japan, Singapore, and China (presumably including Hong Kong) on June 28 while pre-orders are commencing on June 13 at 6:00 PM PT.

A bigger push is going to take place on July 12, which will see the headset hitting the shores of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the UK. Pre-orders for these territories are set on June 28 at 5:00 AM PT.

As for the pricing, Apple didn’t share the actual conversion, although it stated the Vision Pro will cost $3,500 for customers that will avail the headset through the online and retail stores.

Similar with the process when the Vision Pro was launched in the States, it is required that customers will scan their face using an iPhone or iPad when ordering online. However, they can also get measurements along with a demo they can book before vising an Apple retail store.

visionOS 1.2

At the developers’ conference, Apple has announced the availability of visionOS 1.2. This means the Vision Pro launching to these countries will run on the said version of the operating system out of the box.

visionOS 1.2 continues to build on visionOS 1.1 that was released three months ago. Essentially, the update includes enrolling of Persona feature on the handset, improved graphics appearance for Personas, and improved Eyesight appearance. In addition, there are optimizations in accessibility front, connectivity, and pairing with a Mac, among others.

visionOS 2.0

In the fall, Apple plans to distribute visionOS 2.0 to Vision Pro users while the developer beta is available for testers to try out. You can find comparable instructions on how to download and install the beta version in our iOS 18 beta guide.

As for the features of two point O, will bring support to transform 2D photos into spatial photos and new gestures to control Home View and Control Center. The upcoming software is also enabling to rearranged apps freely in the home screen.

visionOS 2.0 adds larger displays for Mac Virtual Display
visionOS 2.0 is making displays of Mac Virtual Display wider / © Apple

Another addition leaning towards the productivity side is a larger version of Mac Virtual Display. Apple described that this will offer virtual screen estate equivalent of two 4K monitors. Furthermore, Vision Pro will be able to support physical mouse with the update.

Safari is getting a big enhancement in visionOS 2.0 as well. Specifically, users can use Environment when streaming on Netflix, YouTube, or Amazon. Plus, Siri will be able to read and speak webpages content while you’re multitasking.

Viewing content from the Vision Pro on the iPhone, iPad, or Mac will also be supported through AirPlay. Lastly, an important accessibility feature that will come is systemwide live captions including audio from apps.

Are you intending to buy the Vision Pro headset once it launches in your country? Perhaps, are you planning to test it first at the Apple store? What are your plans? Let us know in the comments.


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