How to use Instagram’s Valentine’s Day emoji Quick Reactions and DM animations

This Valentine’s Day, Instagram has a surprise for all the lovers in the chat.

On Feb. 14 (and only on Feb. 14), the Meta-owned app is showing off some lovey-dovey Easter eggs.

Instagram Story Quick Reactions — the emojis that pop up when you view someone’s Instagram story to allow you to respond to their stories with a chosen emoji, quickly — is getting a Valentine’s Day glow up.

Quick Reactions has six love-themed emojis: two hearts (?), heart on fire (❤️‍?), smiling face with hearts (?), heart eyes (?), heart hands (?), and broken heart (?). This is a far more loving choice than the typical choice of tears of joy (?), surprised (?), heart eyes (?), crying face (?), clapping hands (?), fire (?), party popper (?), and 100 (?).


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When someone reacts to your story with one of those Valentine’s quick reactions, you’ll get a cute little animation in the DM chat thread you share with that user. And, after posting a Story, you’ll see a special animation for every emoji reaction your followers send when you check out who’s viewed your story.

Plus, Instagram is making it easier for users to share their profile via text, Airdrop, link, or QR code — so if you see someone hot at a bar and want to share socials, it’s all the easier.

As is typical for holidays, Instagram will have Valentine’s Day stickers for Stories and Reels, and there are sure to be plenty of Valentine’s Day Add Yours Stories so you can show love for your pets, friends, and lovers.

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