Universal input ac-dc DIN rail PSUs up to 480W

Recom 480W DINrail PSU

Efficiency of the ac-dc DIN modules is up to 93.5%.

All measure 123.4mm deep by 123.6mm high, and width is 30mm, 40mm or 56mm respectivley.

The models are:

  • REDIIN120
    12V, 24V or 48V output version available
    ±10% adjust
  • REDIIN240
    24V or 48V output version available
    ±10% adjust
  • REDIIN480 (pictured)
    24 – 28V or 48 – 55V adjustable output
    Power factor >0.96 115Vac (>0.93 230V)

Output voltage is adjusted through the front panel.

Convection cooled operation is across -30 to +70°C (derated above +50°C) and they can cold-start down to -40°C.

Protections include over-voltage, short-circuit and over-current, along with a constant current mode to ensure .

All have built-in constant current circuit capability for controlled start-up with high capacitive loads.

“Safety certifications include IEC/EN/UL/CSA62368-1 and IEC/EN/UL/CSA61010-1 while also satisfying EN55032/35 and EN61204-3 EMC standards, including EN61000-6-4 Class B for heavy industrial environments,” said the company, which sees applications in industrial automation, measurement systems, and telecommunications.

Recom tiny dcdc eval boardDev boards for mini dc-dc bucks

At the same time, Recom announced development boards for some of its miniature dc-dc buck converters.

“Our RPL, RPH, and RPZ products in QFN and LGA packages are so tiny that bench evaluation of performance can be a challenge to eyesight and soldering skills,” said the company. “Evaluation modules are now available which provide a convenient way to characterize converter performance in a realistic environment, both electrically and thermally.

Filtering is included to meet EMI ‘Class B’, and alternate component positions are provided to change EMC performance.

Where a function is available, it is implemented on the board. These include: output voltage select, output voltage trim, remote sensing, on/off control, switching frequency selection, soft start, input under-voltage lock-out, and power good signaling.

“Thanks to the realistic thermal design of the evaluation modules, the buck converters can be operated and evaluated at full load, over-load and over-temperature,” added Recom.

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