Twitter puts its developer community website behind a login after announcing new API pricing • TechCrunch

Twitter announced its new API pricing earlier today, saying that its basic tier with “low usage” will cost $100 a month. When developers trying to seek clarity around new rules went to the developer forum website, they found that the site had been put behind a login.

Image Credits: TechCrunch has been a home for developers to ask questions about Twitter APIs and get tips about making apps for the platform. Twitter staff also replied to developers posting bugs and problems to inform them about developments at the company level. It also served as the portal for certain developer-related announcements from Twitter.

Several developers pointed out on Twitter that the site was inaccessible, asking the company to provide an update.

It’s not apparent if Twitter has put the developer forum behind a login or if that’s a bug. Since last night a lot of things are breaking on the platform, including people having issues with posting tweets and accessing replies and direct messages. This could be also due to the fact the company rolled out an update to let Twitter Blue users post 4,000-character-long tweets.

A few hours ago, Elon Musk tweeted that the social network is facing “multiple internal & external issues” but they should be resolved late U.S. hours.

However, at the time of writing people are still facing issues in accessing different parts of the service. Hopefully, Twitter fixes all these issues soon.

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