Handy shelf makes the back of iMac or Apple Studio Display useful

Twelve South BackPack for Apple Studio Display
The back of an Apple Studio Display doesn’t have to be so blank.
Photo: Twelve South

The Twelve South BackPack for Apple Studio Display and iMac adds storage space to the rear of the monitor. The snap-on shelf can be used to declutter a desk or to add a bit of decor to an office.

There was already a version of the accessory specifically for iMacs.

BackPack for Apple Studio Display adds a small shelf

We buy monitors for what’s on the front. But Twelve South found a way to make the back useful, too. BackPack firmly attaches to the display’s stand to provide a level space.

“Save desk space and reduce visual clutter by storing hubs & hard drives on this convenient ventilated shelf,” says Twelve South. “Or add a bit of fun to your setup with a favorite figurine, plant or decorative signage.”

The shelf is 5.1 inches by 4 inches, which is enough room to hold a Thunderbolt hub where it’s hidden behind the screen.

Those who point the back of their Apple Studio Display or iMac toward the resort of their office might want to put some art or a plant on the BackPack to break up the solid expanse of aluminum with some organic touches.

The accessory snaps into the oval opening in the screen’s stand. It’s aluminum and ventilated to help cool peripherals that get warm when used.

BackPack for Apple Studio Display
Have some fun with the rear of your Apple monitor.
Photo: Twelve South

Works with for multiple Macs

The Twelve South BackPack for Apple Studio Display and iMac debuted Tuesday, and sells for $44.99.

Buy from: Twelve South

The product works with Apple’s prosumer external display and also the 24-inch iMac. It’s not compatible with earlier, larger Apple all-in-one desktops.

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