This New Gaming Laptop Has Detachable Liquid Cooling

CyberPowerPC Tracer Gaming I17E Liquid Cool laptop sitting next to its water cooling reservoir
Justin Duino / How-To Geek

CyberPowerPC has been selling gaming desktops and laptops for years, and earlier this year at CES, the company showed off a high-end laptop with detachable liquid cooling. It’s now a real PC that you can buy.

CyberPowerPC has released three new laptops, which were showcased at CES earlier this year. First is the Tracer VII Edge I17E LC 400 (what a name!), which has an Intel Core i9-13900HX CPU, Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 12GB graphics card, 32GB RAM, and a 1 TB WD Black SN750 SSD — all with a retail price of $2579. The Tracer VII Edge I17E LC 500 is an upgraded variant with an RTX 4090 16 GB graphics card, with a higher asking price of $3049. There’s also the Tracer VII Edge I17E LC 300, which is just the LC 400 with 16 GB RAM instead of 32 GB, and a starting price of $2509.

The laptops are about what you would expect from a high-end gaming laptop in 2023, except for one feature: an optional liquid cooling system. The external cooling unit has its own set of fans (with RGB lights, of course) and a two-way water stop. CyberPowerPC said in its announcement, “Removing the connector will automatically trigger the valve to close and prevent leakage, making using or not using the liquid cooling unit a breeze.” The blog post mentions the liquid cooler is a separate purchase from the laptop.

The unique design made the laptops a How-To Geek Best of CES 2023 award winner, though there’s still no firm numbers from CyberPowerPC about how the external dock boosts performance. Even with liquid cooling, there’s not much room for heat to escape in a laptop, so you’ll likely still get better performance from a well-designed air-cooled desktop PC.

Source: CyberPowerPC Blog

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