What Do You Name Link When You’re Playing A Zelda Game?

Zelda: What do you call Link?
Image: Nintendo Life

We are but a few months away now from the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (finally) and it is fair to say that many of us are just a little bit excited. We recently got a look at the second trailer for it, and one of the ways that we have been channelling this excitement until 12th May is through replaying previous games in the series. This, of course, means that it has once again been time to name The Hero of Time.

For many, there is an obvious answer to this one: Link. That is the name of the series’ lead protagonist, so that is the name that many a dedicated Hylian explorer opts for (bar the odd save file all in lowercase or, in some instances, a file where everyone appears to shout the hero’s name as he goes by, “LINK”).

A quick survey around Nintendo Life towers confirmed that, for us, this was the correct way to do things. When asked, almost all of us responded with “Link, obviously,” though there were a few admissions of giving the hero a profane moniker that only our childhood minds could muster. Ah yes, the Hero of Time: Mr Stinky Pants.

Of course, we might stick with calling Link, uh, ‘Link’ forever, but the opportunities are endless. So we want to know what you call your Link. Are you a stickler for the lore? An ‘own name’ user? A rude name player out for some hilarious screenshots? Fill out the following poll and then take to the comments to let us know if you have ever done anything different.

Keeping the rude answers to yourself, let us know your names for the Hero of Time in the comments!

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