T-Mobile outage puts iPhones into ‘SOS’ mode

T-Mobile is suffering what appears to be an increasingly widespread outage in the United States. The carrier has (vaguely) acknowledged the issues via its support account on Twitter, but there’s no timetable on when services will be restored for users.

T-Mobile’s outage and iPhone “SOS” mode

Downdector, a website that aggregates complaints of outages including user reports, indicates that T-Mobile customers are experiencing issues connecting to T-Mobile’s network. Complaints from T-Mobile customers began to spike shortly after 6 p.m. PT and have ebbed and flowed since then.

The problems don’t appear to be nationwide, but rather isolated to certain geographic areas. Service has been restored for some customers, but there is still a large number of users without service.

Via its support account on Twitter, T-Mobile has acknowledged the outage and said it is “rapidly working to resolve” the problems. The outage is impacting voice, messaging, and data services for affected customers.

We are aware of and rapidly working to resolve an issue that has created intermittent impacts to voice, messaging and data service in several areas this evening. We hope to have a resolution very soon and apologize for any disruption this may cause

iPhone users in particular are seeing the “SOS” icon in their device’s status bar, indicating no network connectivity whatsoever. Even in areas where T-Mobile service has been restored, iPhone users say their devices are stuck in this SOS mode without clear guidance on what to do from T-Mobile.

For those unfamiliar, the “SOS” icon in your iPhone’s status bar means that your device isn’t connected to a network, but you can still make emergency calls. If you see this on your iPhone, it means that T-Mobile service is still unavailable in your area due to the outage.

T-Mobile has not provided any further details on the outage, including when service might be restored for affected customers. There’s also no indication of what caused this outage.

Are you having any connectivity issues via T-Mobile this evening? Where are you located and what problems are you facing? Let us know down in the comments.

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