Switch’s Game Boy Library Doesn’t Have A Set Schedule, According To Nintendo

Nintendo has pumped out classic games for its Switch Online service on a consistent basis. There’s kind of a pattern, but that doesn’t necessarily mean fans should expect the same thing when it comes to the newly released retro libraries.

Axios Gaming co-author Stephen Totilo reached out to Nintendo following the launch of the new Game Boy and Game Boy Advance services for Switch Online to ask it how often fans could expect games to be added to the service. In short: “There is no set schedule for new releases, but each collection will continue to grow.”

Although there’s no set schedule, we do know at least some of the games coming to these new libraries in the coming months. Five games for each service have been teased – ranging from more Zelda games to Fire Emblem, Pokémon and even Camelot’s legendary RPG classic, Golden Sun.

There’s also some exclusive stuff on the way to Japan’s Switch Online Game Boy and GBA services. Learn more in the links:

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