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Although virality and exposure are important qualifiers to any successful marketing campaign, driving revenue, customer loyalty and a real, measurable impact on business metrics is at the heart. Every day, social media leaders need to equip their teams to build and deliver marketing campaigns that impact the bottom line, while balancing community management and brand reputation. All of these responsibilities and opportunities require endless innovation for businesses and social media managers to connect directly with their customers to create personalized experiences that last past the first impression and purchase. The sophisticated ecosystem of today’s social media also speaks to a more sophisticated user base, with customers having higher expectations that present both unique challenges and untapped opportunities. But how do you make sure your social campaigns, experiences, and content are reaching the right audiences and driving revenue? A centralized platform that unifies the world of social is how businesses can see social differently in their industry and can take it to the next level.

Strong business intelligence is the key to creating or improving on successful campaigns in almost any capacity. After extracting real, practical business value from content and channels, leaders can leverage those insights to make decisions that help the business grow. As a social media management platform, Sprout Social illuminates insights and data from social media conversations in a central, easy-to-use platform, increasing team efficiency and campaign ROI — without sacrificing authentic connection in the customer experience. Our platform streamlines workflows all in one place, so your team can easily elevate your brand story and rightsize the high volume of incoming messages, relationships with customers, and review management challenges. Most importantly, it is designed so users can nimbly manage social communications. It also gives leaders peace of mind, knowing their teams have the most intuitive capabilities to boost and cement the company’s market leadership with easy-to-use social media management. Read on to learn more about what Sprout Social can do to help you optimize your social media strategy and better connect with your customers.

Driving business impact with social

Sprout Social office with workers updating the tool.

Social is a core part of marketing, but it’s also instrumental to drive the whole business forward, and it’s about time leaders started seeing things that way. With an all-in-one social media management tool like Sprout Social, organizations benefit from clear insight into their audience, giving them the confidence to synchronize business operations and support experiences that delight customers across the entire buyer’s journey.

Automation can increase efficiency, save time, and alleviate coordination headaches across teams involved in social media campaigns and customer care communications. This means leaders are always thinking about balancing automation with innovation. How can they drive the business forward with automation and efficiency while leaving room to capture insights that will help elevate their brand and presence across functions? These insights gleaned from social can bring siloed business units together in pursuit of one goal: serving customers to increase revenue.

Consider that the social arm of any business doesn’t exist in a bubble — social can influence the entire customer journey. Business leaders must work cross-functionally to influence and inform the best approach to improving customer experiences with social. For example, customer care leaders must align with marketing leaders on a winning business strategy so team resources can be allocated to engaging with customers effectively. Sprout Social is the all-in-one platform that can meet these needs, help answer these questions, and facilitate these strategic moves within the company.

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With a holistic view of the customer in one place, business leaders can more effectively empathize with their target market and solve problems that matter to their customers. Sprout Social provides that birds-eye view for teams to manage all aspects of customer connection successfully in one place. Leaders can put that information to good use to make more informed decisions, set direction, iterate on results, and build a strong relationship with customers.

Managing the complete experience with Sprout

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Automate and streamline your social campaigns

Trusted by over 30,000 world-class brands like Shopify, UNICEF, Subaru, Columbia, and more, Sprout serves organizations that see social as a key part of their business strategy. The platform enables marketers to automate social media campaign management and deliver engaging content that resonates with audiences. Its customer care solutions allow for streamlined support channels that generate higher satisfaction and loyalty ratings. Moreover, the intelligence earned through the platform fosters transparency, smarter business strategies, and a stronger pipeline for socially sophisticated organizations.

Track and manage all social profiles in one place

To provide a more detailed example of what Sprout Social offers, the Professional tier — starting at $399 for the first user per month and $299 per additional user — offers access for an unlimited number of social profiles and a bevy of tools for managing them. Organizations will receive:

  • An all-in-one smart inbox to manage social communications
  • Options to publish, schedule, queue, and draft posts
  • A social content calendar to track engagements, profiles, keywords, and location
  • Integrations with CRM, social commerce, help desk tools, and martech stacks
  • Insights from sophisticated listening data
  • Access to tools that create custom workflows for multiple approvers and steps
  • The ability to analyze trends and standardize reporting across social networks

Sprout also rolls out new features regularly to help business leaders keep up with the ever-shifting sands of today’s social landscape.

Get started with Spout Social for free

See for yourself by trying Sprout Social for free, thanks to their 30-day trial. No credit card is required to sign up and test the platform for your needs. Once you’ve experienced the power of their platform, you can choose between four tiers — Standard, Professional, Advanced, and Enterprise — that offer access to between five and 10 social profiles. Take the opportunity to experience how Sprout Social can provide you with the data needed to optimize your social media management and customer experiences for the better.

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