Sony WF-1000XM5 are Even a Better Buy at 17% Off

Sony’s wireless earbuds are among the most preferred, but some high-end models like the WF-1000XM5 don’t come cheap, and they rarely get a discount. Fortunately, Amazon now has the silver variant of the headphones back to the second-best price of $245 from $299 after the $54 (17 percent) reduction.

The black colorway of Sony WF-1000XM5 (review) is also on sale, which is listed for $248, netting you a $51 saving. That’s still a sizeable cut if you’re going to ask us. And keep in mind, that both offers are limited, meaning they will only last for a few days or so.

What makes the Sony WF-1000XM5 compelling to buy

The Sony WF-1000XM5 tops our list of the best ANC in-ear headphones to buy, though that’s expected to change once the WF-1000XM6 arrive on the scene. But regardless of what happens, the current Sony earbuds remain recommendable, for good reason.

Essentially, the headphones output excellent and accurate audio quality. The profile is also well-balanced, and although there is a little emphasis on bass, the mids and highs are highlighted. Plus, we also liked the wide range of equalization present, which you can adjust through the intuitive mobile app.

Sony WF-1000XM5
Sony’s WF-1000XM5 ANC earbuds are IPX4 certified and come with touch controls. / © nextpit

The WF-1000XM5 also performs admirably in terms of noise-canceling, thanks to capable audio chips and microphones. The level is comparable to the level of AirPods Pro 2. However, the WF-1000XM5 edge out the competition by having top-class passive noise isolation and attenuation. If you prefer letting some ambient noise, the transparency mode is also reliable.

In terms of usability, Sony’s WF-1000XM5 are no slouch. They feature multipoint and fast pairing along with spatial audio and an extensive mobile app that offers up to five-band equalizer. The touch controls are also enjoyable as these support programming of shortcuts such as Spotify Tap.

There is wireless charging, too, and battery life in the earbuds are more than decent. Between charges, they last up to 36 hours with ANC disabled and about 24 hours with the feature engaged.

Do you think the Sony WF-1000XM5 are now worth it for their current price? Let us know in the comment section.


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