Snag Anker’s Solix C1000 Expandable Power Station with $429 Savings

Apart from making reliable power banks, Anker is also known for its portable power stations and solar generators with great value for your money. If you’re intending to buy one of their latest power cubes, then there’s good news for you. The Solix C1000 which was launched last year has plunged back to its best price of $649 from Anker’s store and Amazon, saving you $350 (35 percent) with this deal.

That is for the standalone power station unit. But if you opt for the solar generator sets, there are also generous discounts offered. For example, the Solix C1000 with 100-watt solar panels is down to $899 from $1328, which is an outright reduction valued at $429.

What makes the Anker Solix C1000 a recommended power station

The Solix C1000 is one of the mid-tier power stations from Anker which was just launched in the middle of last year. It features an expandable 1,056 Wh battery capacity that is made from long-lasting LFP cells. With this amount, you get a sufficient supply to energize appliances on your outdoor campings or recharge multiple gadgets a few dozen times.

Additionally, the Solix C1000 has a surge power output of 2,400 watts, meaning you can also supply high-powered appliances such as coffee makers and grills. The unit has a total of 11 ports, including six full-sized AC sockets and arrays of USB ports to manage multiple devices simultaneously. A nice feature is a bar LED lamp that is useful in emergency scenarios.

Anker Solix C1000
Anker’s Solix C1000 portable power station gets an expandable 1056 Wh capacity and fast charging. / © Anker

You don’t need to worry about charging the Solix C1000 as it has fast charging capability. With direct AC charging, you can refill its juices in under an hour, which is one of the fastest portable stations of its size. Plus, you can tap on the solar charging if you’re on trips or simply set it up as a balcony power plant.

The Solix C1000 features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and you can schedule charging and see the status of your battery life remotely via the mobile app. Likewise, the C1000 has a battery management system to protect it from fluctuations, plus it gets a UPS function.

In terms of build, the Solix C1000 can withstand drops, thanks to its impact-resistant design. It is also lightweight for its capacity, only tipping the scale at 28 lbs. Anker is giving it a 5-year warranty as well, for added peace of mind.

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