Score 19% Saving When Buying the Apple AirTag 4-Pack

If you’re the type of person that easily lose track of your belongings like keys or bags, a smart Bluetooth tracker or tag can be a great help. Right now, Apple’s AirTag (review) in four-pack is on sale with the price falling to $79 after a huge 19 percent cut. That saves you $20 and brings each tag for about $19 per piece.

Alternatively, you can pick a single Apple AirTag for $24, which is 14 percent cheaper than the usual listing of the tag at $29. But if you’re going to ask us, the 4-pack makes a better value eventually.

Why the Apple AirTag is now a better buy than before

Although the iPhone maker has not refreshed the AirTag for many years (and with no AirTag 2 in sight), the smart tag remains a popular accessory for iPhone users, for good reason.

Primarily, with an Apple AirTag you can locate items attached with the tag. You can use your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch to precisely pinpoint them on the map through the UWB (ultrawide-band) or ring them via the Find My app when nearby. It also works the other way around where you can locate it using the handset.

Apple Airtags in a key holder
Apple’s AirTag doesn’t come with a holder, so you’ll need to purchase one or a loop to attach it with keys. / © NextPit

At the same time, Apple AirTag can be tracked in long distances. For example, you can view its location even when in the other side of the globe as long it is in a populated area with Apple devices around it, which is how the Find My network is powered. And with the new cross-platform unwanted tracking alerts enabled in the AirTag, it becomes helpful for impeding spying or stalking.

The AirTag has a replaceable CR2032 battery. But you don’t need to worry of changing it frequently as it lasts up to a year. Furthermore, the tag is dust and water-resistant, although you will still need a holder to attach them to objects like keychains.

Are you picking up the 1-pack or 4-pack Apple AirTag? Do you think it’s a great help in your case? Let us know in the comment section.


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