Sci-Fi Action Adventure Warframe Hits the App Store

You’ll be confronting a number of warring factions throughout a sprawling interplanetary system to follow the guidance of the mysterious Lotus.

Gamers will become a powerful warrior when they enter their Warframe, a bio-metal suit of untold power. While leveling up, you can unleash its abilities and wield a vast array of weaponry to annihilate enemies. After the battle is over, you can earn or unlock more than 50 different Warframes to select from, each with a unique set of power, the re-experience the battle.

It’s easy to battle with friends by forming a Squad and earning Rewards when you complete missions together in co-op gameplay. Use your Warframe to heal allies, change enemy fire patterns, and achieve objectives.

Along with battles on the ground, you’ll also battle in the air with ship-to-ship conflicts in a customizable spacecraft. In the craft, you can explore landscapes and discover many systems with both friends and foes.

The game’s narrative spans five expansions and more than 30 story-based quests.

You’ll be able to use more than just weapons. The game offers hundreds and armaments to create and many vehicles. You can level each one up and experiment until finding the right combination of gear for your play style.

Warframe is a free download. There are in-app purchases available.


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