Galaxy S23 phones get a new charging feature that extends the battery health

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S23 (Ultra) comes with notable improvements in processor efficiency and battery life. Apparently, there is also a new feature the Koreans didn’t mention which is adding the option to pause battery charging when the device is plugged in, further prolonging the health of the battery pack.

Labeled as Pause USB Power Delivery, it will allow the device to be directly powered by a PD-certified wall adapter or charger rather than passing it through the battery. This was spotted by YouTuber NL Tech on its Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (review).

How to check and enable if battery bypass is available in your Galaxy S23

Accordingly, the Pause USB Power Delivery is accessible from the Samsung Game Booster app and is only supported when you are using a USB PD charger and when the battery level of the device is above 20 percent. As stated in the clip, the feature is described to prevent phone overheating as it bypasses the battery and instead sends the power straight to the device.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Battery Bypass feature
Enable battery bypass on Galaxy S23 via Game Booster / © YouTube/u/NLTech

There are several advantages the feature will bring, but the most important is it can preserve the battery’s lifespan in the long run. This is favorable during intensive gaming sessions where a lot of power is drawn out as the stress is crucially removed from the battery.

Even seen in the video, the power consumption is reduced to 6 watts when the battery is bypassed compared to charging it which requires a larger wattage at 17 watts which could also result in a higher temperature at the battery.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Game Booster Battery Bypass Pause feature
Battery bypass comparison to regular charging on Samsung Galaxy S23 / © YouTube/u/NLTech

Currently, the Pause USB Power Delivery could only be available to specific regional variants rather than a common feature to all Galaxy S23 models out-of-the-box. If you checked that it is not available on your device, Samsung may release it through a software update. Additionally, future Galaxy devices like the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 may also bring similar capabilities.

What are your thoughts on using battery bypass on your mobile device? Do you think Samsung should ship it to other devices too? 

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