Riverlane hooks up with Alice&Bob for quantum

Qubits, the core building blocks of quantum computers, are inherently prone to errors. Two errors disrupt the quantum information in the qubit, bit-flips and phase-flips. Alice & Bob has pioneered the cat qubit which is protected from bit-flips by design, reducing the scale of the error correction challenge.

This would allow the company to build a large-scale error-corrected quantum computer using 200 times fewer hardware resources than other state-of-the-art approaches.

Riverlane hooks up with Alice&Bob for quantumRiverlane has produced a quantum decoder ASIC (pictured). All quantum computers today, regardless of qubit type, require error correction technology that addresses both bit and phase flip errors in real time.

Today’s best quantum computers perform thousands of reliable quantum operations. This must scale to a million and, ultimately, trillions of operations to execute those applications that will transform whole industries.

Riverlane’s quantum error correction stack, Deltaflow, comprehensively addresses this challenge as a distinct layer within a quantum computer’s overall stack. Deltaflow claims to employ the world’s most powerful quantum error decoder.

“Our cat qubits are protected from one of the two errors in quantum computers. But this only solves part of the challenge.” said Dr Theau Peronnin, Alice & Bob CEO. “We need quantum error correction to get rid of the remaining error, the phase-flip. We are partnering with Riverlane because they have the most promising QEC technology for this challenge.”

Riverlane’s Founder and CEO Dr Steve Brierley said: “We’re excited to begin exploring how best to combine Alice & Bob’s cat qubits, which are already one of the most resistant to errors, with our leading quantum error correction technology, to accelerate our shared path to fault-tolerant quantum computing. I’m certain this approach can help them scale further and faster.”



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