RHA TrueConnect 2 review: robust buds with sweet sounds

RHA has updated its TrueConnect 2 true wireless earbuds with a focus on build quality and long battery life. The British designed and engineered earbuds lack a certain something in the sound department though. Here’s our full review.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Sturdy case
  • Comfortable fit
  • Long battery life


  • No aptX
  • Lacking in bass
  • A little pricey

RHA TrueConnect 2 release date and price

The TrueConnect 2 are available in Carbon Black and Navy Blue for £129.95/ €159.95/ $ 149.95. Interestingly, the price has dropped a little from the original TrueConnect headphones, which cost £149.95 in the brand’s native country at launch. The original version has now dropped to £89.95 to readjust the portfolio. You can buy them online at the official RHA website.

RHA TrueConnect 2 design and build quality

The RHA TrueConnect 2 are not exactly what you would call a design innovation over the original TrueConnect true wireless earbuds. In fact, very little has changed at all from the outside. The TrueConnect 2 are indistinguishable from their predecessor. The big changes, it would appear, are on the inside.

The fact that both the charging case and the earbuds themself are essentially unchanged is not a bad thing. The RHA earbuds are one of the toughest on the market today. The charging case, in particular, feels rock-solid. There is a reassuring weight to it that screams quality.

NextPit RHA TrueConnect 2 case side
Both the earbuds and the case are rock solid. / © NextPit

The sliding mechanism is also back. There’s a snappiness to it that make it feel much sturdier than a lot of TWS earbud cases that slide. Compared to the SoundCore Spirit Dot 2, for example, the RHA TrueConnect 2 is much more reassuring. The case opens kind of like a book, with the earbuds slipping out of what would be the sprayed pages.

The matte finish remains but it feels a little less rubbery this year. You still get USB on the ‘spine’ of the case and three small LEDs to indicate the level of charge. There’s also IP55 certifications to protect against dust and water and a three-year warranty.

NextPit RHA TrueConnect 2 old
Spot the difference: the RHA TrueConnect (black) and the RHA TrueConnect 2 in navy blue. / © NextPit

How has RHA boosted the battery almost 100% extra capacity without changing the design at all?

RHA TrueConnect 2 audio

Audio reproduction on the TrueConnect 2 headphones is generally very good. The RHA TrueConnect were known for having thumping bass. For the follow-up, the bass response has been significantly tamed. That’s not necessarily a good thing in my opinion. Whilst I can totally see the logic – it’s all about podcasts these days for commuters – the lower frequencies tend to get lost in the mix whilst the mids and high end separate with clarity. The opening bars of Cabbage’s ‘Arms of Pleonexia’ is a good track for testing this. The fuzz-soaked guitar tones wash over the mix and you can hear the bass trying to punch through but it just doesn’t have enough power to fully join the party.

Despite the lack of active noise cancellation, the passive isolation is excellent on the TrueConnect 2. You only get silicone tips in the package – no foam tips – but there are plenty of sizes to ensure you get a snug fit. I had no problem with distracting background noise when using these on the Berlin U-Bahn.

NextPit RHA TrueConnect 2 inside
The earbuds delivery crisp sound, but the lack bass response. / © NextPit

The connection remained stable throughout testing thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 technology. On the premium Audio Codec front, the TrueConnect support AAC but not Qualcomm’s aptX or the excellent aptX HD.

RHA TrueConnect 2 battery

Battery is the biggest upgrade of the RHA TrueConnect 2. Whilst the original earbuds came in at a total of 25 hours, the TrueConnect 2 can last for up to 44 hours . That’s split across 34 hours 30 minutes in the charging and carry case and another nine hours 30 minutes in the earbuds themselves

The numbers on the box do seem optimal, though. During my testing, I was getting around eight and a half hours of playback on a single charge of the earbuds. As I am always obliged to mention during headphones reviews, I do listen on pretty high volumes most of the times and generally see battery life drop compared to the stated duration as a result. Still, between eight and nine hours is above average for the market right now. For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ lead the way with more than 11 hours of playback from a single charge.

NextPit RHA TrueConnect 2 case
The three LEDs on the charging case indicate the remaining battery. / © NextPit

There’s no active noise cancelation here putting extra strain on the battery, but also no way of boosting playback times by turning it off. If you opt for a pair of these earbuds, expect to get between 35 and 44 hours of total playback time depending on individual usage.

RHA TrueConnect 2 technical specifications

RHA TrueConnect 2

Tech specValue
Battery (case)34 hours 30 minutes
Battery (buds)9 hours 30 minutes
Noise IsolationPassive
Environmental ResistanceIP55 rated
Driver6mm dynamic
Weight6g (earbuds), 91g (case)
InterfaceCapacitive touch

Final verdict

The RHA TrueConnect 2 are a solid pair of true wireless headphones that are durable enough to stand up to years of daily usage. The charging and carry case is one of the sturdiest I’ve come across having tried what feels like 100s of pairs of TWS earbuds. There’s enough battery life in these for a couple of week’s worth of commuting.

The audio quality will disappoint those looking for thumping bass for most musical genres it’s really quite pleasant. It when listening to podcasts and audiobooks that the RHA TrueConnect 2 really shine. Once again passive isolation has proved more than enough to drown out the most common background noise associated with in-city living.

NextPit RHA TrueConnect 2 open case
The carry case hinge is one of the strongest you can buy in the TWS market. / © NextPit

The price is also on-point. At £130, the RHA TrueConnect 2 are amidst a busy crowd of TWS earbuds but are more durable and well-made than most in this price bracket. If you want more software features or quality ANC, you’re going to have to spend a bit more anyway. The Google Pixel Buds 2, for example, come in at £179. There will be plenty of customers out there who don’t care about the flashy extras who would welcome a saving of fifty quid.

RHA TrueConnect 2

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