Random: This Official Wailord Pokémon Plush Could Actually Squash You

Wailord Plush 1
Image: Pokémon Center

A big, heavy Pokémon deserves a big ol’ plushie, right? That’s obviously what The Pokémon Center thought with Wailord, who has a big of a reputation among Pokemon fans for its size.

Well, it’s a whale, so it should be big, right? Right. So it makes sense that you can buy a 57 ¾ inch-sized Wailord plush — that’s just shy of 1.5 metres, by the way. That’s 1/10th of the size of Wailord itself, so if you buy ten, then you can get an idea of just how big is. So what we’re saying is, yes, a plushie could squash you.

But hey, that makes it very cuddly, right? The Wailord plush will set you back $420.00 / £419.99 and is available to pre-order in both North America and the UK. If you want one, however, you’ll need to pre-order it by 13th March 2023. Wailord will be swimming out to customers in November 2023.

If you’ve been waiting desperately for a “trainer-sized” Wailord plush, then now’s your chance to snap one up for an eye-watering price. But big whale cuddles have got to be worth the price, right? And Wailord is actually cheaper than the huge Spheal plush that launched in North America last year.

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