Please Don’t Rain Tracks the Weather on a Day Important to You

There is a huge number of traditional apps that can tell you what’s happening outside with Mother Nature at your location or anywhere else in the world.

But there are times you’re wondering about the weather on a specific day and location. Whether you’re planning an important trip or have an outdoor activity planned, it’s always good to see if rain or snow is forecasted.

And that’s exactly what Please Don’t Rain provides.

To get started, you’ll select a place and date to keep a watch on. With privacy in mind, the app doesn’t know your location or ever ask for the information at any time.

Once you pick a date and place, the forecast section will show the chance of rain or snow on that day along with additional information like the forecasted low and high temperature.

If precipitation is forecasted for the day you’ve selected, you can also see a chart with the percent chance or amount. Multiple colors will indicate different precipitation like snow, rain, hail, and sleet.

There is also a data table that will break down that information hour-by-hour for an even more detailed look.

You can only pick one date and location at a time, but you can quickly edit or delete that. There are also a number of other options to customize the look of the app along with support for dark mode.

Only for the iPhone, Please Don’t Rain is a free download on the App Store now. There is an optional Pro subscription for $2.99 yearly or $0.99 for three months.

The best feature unlocked with a subscription is automatic forecast updates so you will always know the latest information. That also helps when you want to select a date that has yet to be forecasted.

Another subscriber-only feature are both home screen and lock screen widgets so you can see the precipitation chance at a glance and without opening the app.

Finally, you can unlock alternate app icons and cartoon images for each weather type.


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