Oberty Features More Than 200 Shape-Blending Puzzles to Solve

The game is easy to pick up and learn and offers a number of different color schemes for anyone with a visual impairment.

To solve the more than 200 included puzzles, you’ll need to rotate and blend cards.

On the main play screen, the center contains the puzzle area. You can see what you’ll need to create on the left while the different puzzle pieces are on the right.

You’ll tap a part of the puzzle and it will appear in the center. Keep tapping and rotating the board until you solve the puzzle. While the game starts out simple, the puzzles will continue to get more difficult as you play through.

And there’s no need to worry about timers or being rushed. Oberty offers a relaxing and minimalistic way to test your brain and solve the puzzles. There is also an atmospheric original soundtrack that helps set the relaxing mood.

As a nice touch, you can select from a wide variety of color schemes when playing. There regular mode is colorful, but you can also choose a white on black or black on white option.

And if you like the game’s concept, there’s much more fun available with a level editor. You can create your own unique levels cards and share it with friends by simply sending a picture. To play the level load it from the image.

You’ll need to solve all the cards in the first chapter to unlock the editor, but it’s a good way to understand how to play before making your own levels.

Designed for the iPhone and all iPad models, Oberty is a $1.99 download on the App Store now.

I’ve always enjoyed low-pressure puzzlers, and Oberty fits the bill for anyone looking for a game to pickup and play for just a few minutes at a time. I’m excited to try more levels and even create my own puzzle.


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