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How Netflix’s Password Crackdown Will Stop Moochers


If you’re worried you’ll never again be able to binge the latest season of your favorite shows, the company has a few solutions. Consider signing up for Netflix’s new “Basic With Ads” plans for $6.99, which will be available in the U.S. starting Nov. 3, 2022.

Current ad-free subscriptions for Netflix are $9.99, so you’ll save a few bucks (at the cost of about five minutes of ads per hour), according to the shareholder letter. Netflix is trying to make this transition as disruption-free as possible — other than the apparent interference to your wallet — and says you will be able to transfer your viewing history and preferences to your new account with their Transfer Profile tool released in October.

Another option is asking the current account holder (dad, grandma, your best friend’s boyfriend’s mom) to add a cheaper “sub-account” or new member account to their plan. Maybe you pay them the difference for their kindness. Netflix isn’t clear about how much a sub-account will cost subscribers, but in a Costa Rican trial program, sub-accounts cost $2.99, one-third of Netflix’s basic plan.

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