MrBeast becomes most subscribed YouTube channel

MrBeast, a YouTuber known for his wildly popular gameshow-type content, has become the most subscribed channel on the platform.

The viral star, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, overtook Bollywood production titans T-Series over the weekend, who have held the most-subscribed title since they overtook controversial YouTuber PewDiePie in 2018.


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“After 6 years we have finally avenged Pewdiepie,” wrote Donaldson on X (formerly Twitter), sharing a screenshot of his channel’s subscriber count alongside that of T-Series. (Donaldson previously supported Pewdiepie when his channel was competing with T-Series for most subscribers back in 2018.)

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Donaldson later shared a post saying that Saturday – the day his channel overtook T-Series – was the biggest daily subscriber increase his channel has ever seen. At the time of writing, MrBeast has 269 million YouTube subscribers.

This isn’t the first YouTube record MrBeast has broken. Last August – back when Donaldson’s channel “only” had 174 million subscribers – he claimed that his latest video had received the highest number of views in 24 hours for a non-music video.

Donaldson’s YouTube momentum has only been increasing in recent years. His most popular YouTube video, an IRL version of Netflix’s Squid Game, has well over 600 million views. The majority of his recent uploads have view counts in the hundreds of millions.


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