Motorola rollable phone concept grows taller instead of wider

We’ve seen rollable phones before, but Lenovo’s Motorola rollable phone concept is an entirely different take on the idea.

Showcased at Lenovo’s Tech World 22(Opens in a new tab) virtual event, the concept device rolls out vertically, extending from a very compact smartphone into a phone that’s about the same size as any modern phone.

In a video posted by Lenovo, we see that the content on the phone, such as a YouTube video, can dynamically adapt to the phone’s size.

While LG was still in the smartphone-making business, one of the company’s last projects was a rollable phone that ultimately never saw the light of day. But that phone extended horizontally, expanding from a normal-sized phone into a small tablet. Lenovo’s idea is akin to the foldable Razr, only instead of folding the phone, you expand or retract it as you see fit. Check out the entire presentation in the video below:

Later in the video, Lenovo showcases another concept device – a laptop with a rollable display. In the video, we see the laptop’s screen extend upwards, providing a ton of additional, vertical screen real estate.


Can’t decide between a tablet or laptop? Consider the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet.

There’s no word on when these devices might become commercially available. In the video, Luca Rossi, the President of Intelligent Devices Group at Lenovo, says he believes the “form factor innovation is a very dynamic space.”

“You will continue to see Lenovo’s innovation here,” he says.


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