Motorola Launches Moto Tag Tracker with Precise Finding

Motorola just unveiled its first smart Bluetooth tracker, the Moto Tag. The device comes with UWB for precise tracking and supports Google’s expanded Find My Device network and cross-platform unwanted tracking alerts with Android and iOS devices.

Motorola’s smart tracker can be a remote camera shutter

The Moto Tag features a round, coin-shaped design similar to the Apple AirTag and comes in different finishes. And the Lenovo-acquired company even says this should the AirTag’s accessories compatible to the new Moto Tag.

One side of the tracker has a multifunctional button that you can use in ringing paired smartphones nearby or a remote camera shutter. This supports the new Razr (2024) foldable smartphones as well with any Android handset.

In terms of robust capabilities, the Moto Tag is IP67 certified, meaning the tracker should withstand dust and a meter of dip in fresh water for 30 minutes. It has a replaceable CR2032 battery similar to the Samsung SmartTag 2 (review), and gets a year of battery life.

Motorola Moto Tag
Motorola’s Moto Tag is rated with 1-year battery life before you can replace it with a CR2032 / © Motorola

Unlike on Chipolo’s new Point or Card tag that Rubens tested, the Moto Tag features UWB (ultra-wideband) connectivity which allows augmented and precise navigation when tracking. However, this needs a compatible handset to function like with Google’s Pixel 8 or Samsung’s Galaxy S24 in addition to Motorola’s new Razr flip smartphones.

Furthermore, the tag can be quickly paired through Google’s Fast Pair. You can manage the tag’s settings, adjust the volume level, and monitor its battery on the Find My Device app.

Motorola said the Moto Tag uses end-to-end encryption to process user’s data while the tracker’s location is only accessible to the owner and the contacts it has shared with through the Find My Device app.

The Moto Tag is also compatible with the anti-stalking mode that works with Android and iOS where users will be alerted if an unknown tag is traveling with them. Plus, a user can manually scan for nearby unauthorized tags as well.

When can you buy the Moto Tag and for how much

Priced for $29 (~€27) a piece or $99 for a set of four, the Moto Tag will be available in the US starting in July. Motorola is yet to reveal the availability and price for other markets, although it said the tracker should make its way to other countries.

Are you intending to add the Motorola Moto Tag into your tracking arsenal? Let us know in the comment section.


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