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Liquid-cooled synchronous reluctance motors hit IE5 efficiency


ABB-IE5 SynRM-Liquid-Cooled-Motor

It brands its synchronous reluctance motors ‘SynRM’, and is offering liquid-cooled versions across 37 to 710kW (400V in IEC 200-315 frame sizes (aluminum, steel on request).

“A major advantage of the IE5 SynRM liquid-cooled motors is that they are much more efficient than the traditional liquid-cooled induction motors in current use,” according to the company. “The cost of the energy to run it accounts for around 97% of a motor’s total cost of ownership. IE5 motors have 40 percent lower energy losses than commonly used IE3 motors. This makes the payback time for selecting an IE5 instead of an IE3 motor often less than one year.”

A 240kW IE5 SynRM motor in frame size 315 weighs 870kg, which it claims is “almost half the weight of a corresponding IE3 induction motor”.

ABB-IE5 SynRM-Liquid-Cooled-Motor

With increased efficiency comes reduced heat-injection into the local environment, suiting the motors to operation in small spaces – such as in marine propulsion systems and thrusters – and the motors do not need fans or ventilation, which reduces local air disturbance.

Seals are used to keep out moisture, dirt and dust, and a smooth outer surface discourages dust build-up, said ABB.

As well as marine propulsion, applications are foreseen in rubber, plastics, food (chocolate conching) and beverage production.


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