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Let’s be real: it’s super hard to find an organizer that stores all elements of our increasingly digital lives. No longer is it just a small subset of nerds who are carrying around a handful of electronic gadgets; tech has gone mainstream, leaving us all with more gadgets, USB cords and chargers than we can shake a stick at. While most organizers, tablet covers and the like are very utilitarian in nature, they don’t look very good. That’s where Knomo comes in, injecting some quality and style into the portable organizer with the Knomad Mini. It’s an organizer for those with discerning taste.

The Knomad Mini is a  great looking, functional and holds pretty much every gadget you can think of. It’s designed to hold up to an 8-inch tablet and is made with cotton canvas twill fabric with antique brass hardware which makes the organizer stand out from the crowd. The Knomad’s tablet compartment is covered in microfibers which protect your fragile tablet screen from unnecessary dings and scratches. The Knomad Mini comes in four different color choices including olive, blue, black and sand.

knomo3Not only is the Knomad Mini good-looking, it provides ample storage space for all of your random gadgets. In this day in age, we’ve all got tons of little electronic bits and baubles that we must tote around to enable our electronic lifestyle. The Knomad Mini provides plenty of space, allowing you to throw not only a tablet up to 8 inches but a smartphone or two, some cords, SD cards, passport, wireless hotspot, you name it. You can even store a pen in the middle of the thing, if you still use those mysterious ancient tools. Elastic bands help you keep a pair of headphones, USB cables and the like right at your fingertips and untangled.

knomo4Worried about losing all of your nice things? Knomo has an easy answer for that. Engraved into the product tag of the Knomad Mini is a unique ID number, which tags you to your organizer so that whoever finds your stuff has an easy way to let you know your gadgets are ok. Simply attach your personal information to the ID and you won’t have to stress too much if you lose your Knomad Mini. Knomo will even pick up your lost organizer and deliver it back to you, free of charge. Not a bad deal!

knomo5If you’re looking for a stylish case and get you life a little more organized, the Knomad Miniini is the case for you. It looks good, feels good and works well. With so many tablet and smartphone cases eschewing style and looking pretty blasé, it’s nice to see a company like Knomo take the organizer game to the next level.

knomo1If you’ve been looking for an organizer for yourself or that special someone, be sure to check out the Knomad Mini and all of Knomo’s products. They’re sure to put a smile on the faces of everyone on your Holiday shopping list.

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