iPhone SE 2022 – Leaks, Rumours & More

There are a number of rumours based on the iPhone SE 2022, which is presumably Apple’s next release that is going to be an addition to the iPhone SE line. We all have so many questions, from what the iPhone SE 2022 is going to be actually called, what it features, when is its release and much more! We’ll share some rumours, leaks and more on the latest iPhone SE 2022.


Iphone SE 2022

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What will the new iPhone SE 2022 be called?

With not that many rumours swirling around, Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants stated that the latest iPhone SE 2022 maybe named SE Plus. However, there are a few other rumours claiming that the new iPhone SE 2022 is going to be named the iPhone SE 3 as it will be a 3rd generation phone. We’ll trust Ross on this one and go along with iPhone SE plus for now.


When will the iPhone SE 2022 be launched?

As previous iPhones have been launched during the springtime, many rumours have claimed that the iPhone SE 2022 will possibly be launched in the first half of 2022. The iPhone SE 2020 was released in April, so it is possible that the iPhone SE 2022 will release around this time too.


What will the price of the iPhone SE 2022 be?

Being one of the cheapest iPhones that you can get after the iPhone 12 mini, the iPhone SE 2022 price is expected to be lower than the iPhone 12 mini which costs around $699. As the iPhone SE 2022 is expected to be a 5G phone, the price of it is estimated to be around $399 to $499.



Design and display


Iphone Se 2022

Ross Young has said that the iPhone SE 2022 will have the same design as the previous iPhone SE. The iPhone SE 2022 has a similar design as the iPhone 8. Ming-Chi-Kuo a TF securities analyst is suspecting that the display of the iPhone SE 2022 will be similar to the previous iPhone SE model which is of 4.7 inches LCD display. Ming Chi Kuo also believes that the iPhone SE 2022 will feature a home button, touch ID but no face ID.



Similar to all other iPhones, the iPhone SE 2022 is believed to have an A series processor which is also used in all other high end iPhone models. Rumours have claimed that the iPhone SE 2022 will possibly come with the A15 processor which is superb as it will allow the phone to run faster and will give the phone more value.


First ever cheapest 5G Iphone ever!

Iphone Se 2022


I don’t think you expected it, but the iPhone SE 2022 is going to be the first 5G iPhone that will come at a price much lower than the iPhone 12 mini. According to some rumours the iPhone SE 2022 will be supporting mmwave 5G with an addition of Sub-6 GHZ frequencies. So, if you are looking for an iPhone that is in your budget but also 5G, the iPhone SE 2022 would be the ideal iPhone for you. 



Unfortunately there does not seem to be any rumoured changes for the camera of the iPhone SE 2022. The iPhone SE camera will be same to the previous model, which was a single lens back camera of 12mp and a front camera of 7mp. Many people would like to see an upgrade, so we shall see what Apple have in store for us once the iPhone SE 2022 is finally released.

Other than what we have mentioned about the iPhone SE 2022, there are only a handful of rumours swirling around in this pool! We will have to keep a lookout for more information. If you want to checkout some amazing mobile accessories for your device, checkout our Mobile Fun store.

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