Google is enabling remote control for Xbox—Here’s how to use it

Controlling your Xbox through Google Home app is now possible. Google has announced that it is officially partnering with Microsoft to bring virtual remote control feature for Xbox devices. Here’s what you could do with Google Home app to control your Xbox console. 

Google’s remote interface for Xbox is pretty like the remote version when controlling Android and Google TVs. Besides turning on or off the console, users will be able to use a touchpad at the center in addition to the on-screen basic navigation controls of next or back and play or pause. According to 9to5Google, it is also possible to record video clips using the remote function.

How to pair Xbox into Google Home app and enable remote control

To pair compatible Xbox One and Xbox Series model, you’ll need the latest software (10.0.22621.3446 version) and update your console. At the same time, it’s recommended to update Google Home app in your Android phone as well.

  • Connect the Xbox and your phone to the same Wi-Fi network
  • Open Google Home app
  • Tap (+) button at the top and select Set up device
  • Tap new device and choose a preferred home group
  • Continue and look for your Xbox device

Once added, you will be seeing your Xbox device in Google Home app’s main section alongside other connected smart home accessories.

Google remote control feature for Xbox console
Google remote control interface for controlling Xbox gaming consoles / © 9to5Google

How to control Xbox without using Google Home app

The other option to control any Xbox console using your iPhone or Android is through the Xbox app. You’ll just need to download and install the Xbox mobile app. However, the controls are limited to the four buttons and a couple of menus. More importantly, users can access the main Xbox dashboard and input source right from the app. 

Adding remote control widget in your home screen

Apart from the Xbox support, Google is planning to enable more app features like TV remote control widgets. This will let users see shortcuts and content recommendations right on the home screen. The feature is yet to be fully rolled out in Pixel and Android phones and tablets.

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