How to make parking in the city easier with Apple Maps and SpotHero

How to make parking in the city easier with Apple Maps and SpotHero
Apple Maps now has the SpotHero parking-space finder built in. Here’s how to use the new combination.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

iPhone users can now find a parking space with Apple Maps. Starting Monday, the navigation application has SpotHero built in, giving parking options for more than 8,000 locations across North America.

The feature is free, though the spaces are not. Here’s how to use it.

Apple Maps and SpotHero can find you a sparking space

For years, Apple Maps has navigated drivers to their destinations but it hasn’t been much help when it came time to park. And creeping around an unfamiliar city looking form a safe place to park is one of the worst aspects of car ownership. Starting today, Apple is doing what it can to change that.

SpotHero calls itself “the leading digital parking reservation app in North America,” and it’s now integrated into Apple Maps.

How to use SpotHero in Apple Maps

How to use SpotHero in Apple Maps
SpotHero is now accessible through Apple Maps.
Graphic: SpotHero

To use the service, iPhone or Mac users search for a location, like Madison Square Garden, in Apple Maps. On that location’s card, tap the More button then Parking. SpotHero’s website or app opens, providing options near the location.

Users can filter results by time, look for covered parking, EV charging, wheelchair accessible, etc.

Prices are clearly shown. Once the user finds a parking spot they want, they can then reserve it through a secure payment system.

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