How to Delete a Page in Word (Mac & Windows)

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As just about any Microsoft Word user knows, often you will create a Word document that ends up containing unwanted blank pages, usually at the end of the document, and these wind up getting printed or included in Word-to-PDF files unnecessarily. You may encounter this with any Word document creation, or even converted Pages docs to Word files. Additionally, sometimes you will be editing a word document that has a page you no longer want attached or included in your word doc, and you’d want to delete that page.

Whatever the situation, you may want to delete a page from a Word document, and that’s exactly what we’ll show you how to do on Microsoft Word for both Mac and Windows PC.

How to Delete Any Page in Word

Removing pages from Word is easily accomplished by locating the page and removing it via the Navigation panel. Here’s how that works in Word for Windows and Mac:

  1. From the View menu or tab, click on Navigation Pane so that it is open and visible
  2. Find the page you want to delete within the Navigation panel in Word
  3. With the page you want to delete selected, press the Delete key on the keyboard

This will remove the page completely, whether the page is full of content containing words, text, images, graphs, or whatever, or even if the page is completely blank. Speaking of blank pages, since Word is known to randomly create blank pages at the end of documents, you can use basically the same trick to delete those too.

How to Delete a Blank Page in Word

Deleting a blank page is as simple as locating the blank page and removing it, here’s how to do that:

  1. Open the Navigation Pane, accessible from the View menu
  2. Locate the blank document you want to delete from the left side Navigation panel in Word
  3. Press the Delete key on the keyboard

The blank page is now deleted from the Word document.

How to Delete All Page Content in Word

Deleting all page content from a Word doc is simple:

  1. Open the Word document and scroll to the page you want to delete the content of
  2. Now select all content on the page by clicking and dragging the cursor to select all of the current page content that you wish to delete only
  3. Hit the Delete key on your keyboard to delete all selected page content in Word

All content on the page is now removed.

Since this page is now empty, you can use the Navigation Panel trick to delete that page from the document, or simply enter in or paste new content into the blank page. What you do now is up to you.

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