Google’s Pixel 7a Gets a Crazy 30% Off

If you’re like those people who hold off buying a new smartphone until a huge sale comes in, then your patience has finally paid off. Right now, Google is running a limited sale for the Pixel 7a on Amazon. If you hurry, the mid-range is currently listed at $349, which is the best price recorded.

But keep in mind that the available colorways for this sale are charcoal (also known as black) and white. Regardless of the finish, there are great official and third-party cases to choose from.

Why the Pixel 7a is a worthwhile mid-range camera phone to buy

Google’s Pixel 7a (review) was launched almost under a year ago, and while we expect the successor to be announced next month, the current mid-range shooter remains a compelling purchase especially since it has gone cheaper.

What we liked about the Pixel 7a is the versatile and reliable camera setup. The rear dual camera is composed of a primary 64 MP sensor that shoots great photos in both daylight and night conditions. The color accuracy and sharp details are noticeably better even compared to pricier camera phones.

The Pixel 7a also benefits from software-based image enhancements and editing tools, such as Google’s Magic Editor and Photo Unblur. There are also nifty features to improve voice calls through Call Assist and Clear Calling.

Google Pixel 7a review images
Google Pixel 7a has a 6.1-inch 90 Hz OLED screen making it a compact smartphone. / © nextpit

While in performance, the Pixel 7a has a powerful Tensor G2 chipset that makes it on par with the flagship Pixel 7 series in terms of speed. The efficient chip also helps give the device a solid battery endurance that gives you ample of juice in the second day.

Furthermore, the Pixel 7a has an upgraded compact design with a bright 6.1-inch OLED screen that comes with a 90 Hz refresh rate for a smoother scrolling experience. Similar to the premium Pixel 8, the Pixel 7a features a dust and water-resistant build.

Are you buying the Pixel 7a now which is heavily discounted? Let us know in the comments.


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