Google Pixel 7 will probably be easier to get

Google’s Pixel phones have steadily been getting even better over the years. With Google’s new Tensor chip and the “pure” Android experience they offer, they’re a very interesting choice for Android fans.

However, they’ve often been hard to get, either due to delays at launch, or due to Google simply not having enough of them in stock.

While this situation has been a little better with the Pixel 6, it appears that Google is truly trying to remedy it with the launch of Pixel 7. According to Nikkei(opens in a new tab), Google has requested more than 8 million units of its Pixel 7 phones from supplies, with the intention to roughly double its smartphone sales in 2023, compared to this year.


Google Pixel 7 leak leaves little to the imagination

The report also says Google is preparing to launch 4 million units of a yet-unannounced, budget Pixel handset that’s coming later this year.

Of course, the sheer fact that Google is ordering more phones at launch may mean little if the demand is very high. But there are other signs that Google is working to make Pixel available to more users than ever. For example, the company is planning launch events(opens in a new tab) in several European countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and The Netherlands. While earlier Pixel phones have been available in some European countries, availability has been spotty at best.

A recent report by The Information(opens in a new tab) lends more credence to Google being serious about selling as much Pixel 7 phones as it can. According to the report, the company is partially moving manufacturing of Pixel phones to India, as opposed to having them produced exclusively in China. Manufacturing in China has been disrupted by frequent COVID-19 lockdowns, so having some of the Pixels (10–20 percent of annual production, the report claims) should help counter any eventual shortages.

The Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro are officially launching on Oct. 7, alongside the Pixel Watch. The devices’ specs have been thoroughly leaked ahead of launch, but Google may still be hiding a surprise or two up its sleeve.


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