Former Top Smartphone Manufacturer Makes Comeback

Finally, the Rock has come back…wait a minute! That’s the wrong script. Finally, HTC has come back to the world of smartphones! Or at least that’s what the Taiwanese company has hinted. The million-dollar question is, will HTC’s comeback be marked successfully, or will it be a second foray into obscurity?

When smartphones were starting to take the world by storm, one manufacturer rolled out hit after hit. HTC not only built the first commercially available Android smartphone, but also dominated the market with models like the HTC Sensation. In 2013, they introduced what was arguably the probably most popular smartphone of all time, the HTC One M7.

The chassis of the One M7 consists almost entirely of aluminum, and the 4.7-inch screen was humongous at that time. The smartphone also featured two powerful speakers. This was the era when Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers were still using cheap plastic and copying the iPhone’s design language. HTC decided to go against the grain and was hugely popular among smartphone enthusiasts.

HTC celebrates its comeback

Two years after the launch of the legendary HTC One M7, the once highly touted manufacturer became less relevant. Its competitor, Samsung, introduced its first smartphone with a high-quality aluminum-glass design, the Galaxy S6, making it lighter and more innovative. As a result, the HTC One M9 couldn’t convince as many fans as before, forcing the manufacturer to scale back its production. It lost its unique selling point and disappeared into oblivion.

Ten years after hitting its peak, the comeback does offer plenty of excitement. With the HTC U24 Pro, the Taiwanese manufacturer aims to mark its return to the smartphone world. The new smartphone is available for €564 ($606). Will its comeback be successful based on that price?

Introducing the HTC U24 Pro

The HTC U24 Pro presents itself as a chic mid-range smartphone. The frame is made of aluminum, while the back relies on plastic. The chassis is waterproof based on its IP67 rating and also equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which is unusual for a handset in this price range. You will also get wireless charging as an added bonus.

Customers who place a pre-order will receive a complimentary HTC wireless charger. Alternatively, the 4,600 mAh battery can be quickly charged via USB-C at a speed of up to 60 watts.

The display features a 120 Hz OLED panel at 6.8-inch with a Full HD+ resolution. The display edges are rounded towards the sides. Underneath the hood, you will find a Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 SoC and 12 GB of RAM running proceedings smoothly, clearly placing it in the upper mid-range segment.

The cameras feature a pair of 50MP sensors. One is used as the main sensor with optical image stabilization, while the other is a telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom. In addition, there is an ultra-wide angle 8MP camera for those tighter shots. The front camera located in the display also offers a 50MP resolution.

During its unveiling, the photo quality of the cameras, even in low light conditions, was emphasized, along with AI photo editing and AI photo enhancement.

Will the comeback succeed?

Since the golden age of HTC, the smartphone market has changed drastically. There are now many more manufacturers and aspects like high-quality design have become the industry standard, especially in the flagship segment. With a mid-range smartphone priced at €564 ($606) without a unique selling point, it does not look like HTC’s entry will be a massive success.

Nostalgia can only bring it so far, and the Poco F6 (review), with comparable features, is already available for $450 thereabouts. Nothing, another smartphone company, proved that it is still possible to make a breakthrough as a new manufacturer. By offering striking design and unique software, they were able to win many fans and create hype around the brand.

The HTC U24 Pro is scheduled to go on sale from July 15th. Interested parties can sign up for notification of availability on the manufacturer’s website.

Did you use a HTC smartphone before? What was your primary reason for ditching it, and which smartphone brand do you rock to today? 


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